Strongsville Night Guard

Strongsville Night Guard

Residents throughout the Strongsville area know exactly where to go for all their dental needs – Strongsville Smile Keepers. Regardless of the dental care you’re seeking, Dr. Matt Gaebelein and his professional staff will be able to address whatever it is you are looking for. In fact, Strongsville Smile Keepers has been delivering exceptional dental services to patients in the region for nearly two decades. We provide the full spectrum of dentistry, including treating chronic teeth grinding or bruxism. With a custom night mouth guard, we can protect your teeth from damage by providing a barrier to the chewing surfaces. As a result, whenever our Strongsville patients experience teeth grinding, they know to reach out to the expert staff at Strongsville Smile Keepers.

Strongsville Night Mouth Guard

Strongsville, Ohio is in Cuyahoga County with approximately 40,000 residents. Our dental clinic is conveniently located at 17112 Pearl Road in Strongsville. Dr. Gaebelein and his dedicated staff proudly offer the most advanced, state-of-the-art dental treatment available. He delivers an unmatched level of excellence and professionalism in his work. Dr. Gaebelein endeavors to create the most relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for each of his patients, for both youth and adults alike. We at Strongsville Smile Keepers are intimately aware of the discomfort and the damage teeth grinding can cause. Therefore, we can successfully treat the condition by utilizing a dental guard, or as in the case of patients who experience nighttime teeth grinding issues, a night guard. No matter if you are an adult patient at Strongsville Smile Keepers, or a child, teenager, or young adult, we have the dental guard just for you.

Strongsville Dental Guard

If you experience teeth grinding or someone in your family is showing signs of bruxism, it is time to get in touch with Strongsville Smile Keepers to see what can be done to protect your teeth against damage. There are a variety of remedies for the condition, regardless if it occurs at night, during sleep, or the daytime. As soon as we can diagnose your condition, the treatment and healing can begin.

To learn more about being fitted with a night mouth guard or a dental guard, call Strongsville Smile Keepers at (440) 508-4566, today. Our hours are 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Thursday. We are committed to making dentistry affordable to all our patients.

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